Homeowners willing to extend minimal “sweat-equity” in the kitchen cabinet design and installation using the RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) kitchen cabinets and design technology will reap the meany rewards in accomplishing a task with DIY simplicity, reducing overall associated costs for the selected cabinetry with awe-inspiring results.
VRimg File Description

Version: 1.3
Compressed: true
Resolution { width: 3400  height: 2000  pixelAspectRatio: 1 }
Render Region { renderRegion: false  xmin: 0  ymin: 0  width: 3400  height: 2000 }
Regions Info { regWidth: 32  regHeight: 32  whatsXY: MaxSize }
Camera Info { transform: matrix  projection: perspective  aperture: 36  fov: 48.1746  targetDistance: 240.651  nearRange: 0  nearClip: 117.986  farClip: 1000  focalLength: 40  fNumber: 4 }
Scene { renderTime: 1595063  name: "jsi_trentonespresso01.max" }

Alpha (float3)
RGB color (float3)
VRayDiffuseFilter (float3)
VRayGlobalIllumination (float3)
VRayGlobalIllumination2 (float3)
VRayLighting (float3)
VRayRawGlobalIllumination (float3)
VRayRawLighting (float3)
VRayRawReflection (float3)
VRayReflection (float3)
VRayRefraction (float3)
VRaySampleRate (float3)
VRaySpecular (float3)
VRayWireColor (float3)

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Ready to Assemble Cabinets (RTA) offer whole host of benefits and savings

  1. Since they are packaged flat shipping cost is dropped.
  2. No outside assembly. Yes you will need to put them together while that sounds tasking it’s not that difficult
  3. Quality Contruction
  4. Soft Close Drawers & Doors.
  5. All wood construction NO particle board
  6. Dovetail Drawers
  7. Durable Finishes